Epigenetic Risk Assessment of Assisted Reproductive Technologies


Symposium - Training for Reproductive Medicine 7-8.10.2016

The Polish Society of Reproductive Medicine and Embryology has invited Prof. Grazyna Ewa Ptak, coordinator of ERAofART project, as speaker for the Conference "ART in Poland - achievements, challenges and prospective" within the  "Sympozjum Naukowo- Szkoleniowe Medycyny Rozrodu" which will take place in Warsaw on 7-8 October 2016. Prof. Grazyna Ewa Ptak's lecture "Epigenetic Safety of Assisted Reproductive Technologies - Scientific bases for multisectorial clinical trial" is scheduled for friday 7 October 2016.

more information about the programm of the Symposium can be find at http://www.osrodekstudiow.pl/aktualnosci/sympozjum-naukowo-szkoleniowe-medycyny-rozrodu-7-8-10-2016


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Workshop "Oocyte and embryo manipulation" - 13/24 June 2016

PhD students Roberta Arena, Katarzyna Barłowska, Jolanta Pęczkowicz-Szyszka, Magdalena Kotlarska, Dawid Winiarczyk, Anna Stachowiak from IGAB PAS attended the workshop "Oocyte and embryo manipulation" organized by Professor Pasqualino Loi and his team within the framework of the project ERAofART at University of Teramo, 13-24 June 2016

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