International Advisory Board

High quality of the project activities will be assured by the International Advisory Board, consisting of renowned professionals. Its role is to advise on current trends in European Research in the respective fields that are of interest to the project. It will assist in indicating the topics/directions of potential research cooperation at the European level between the Twinning Working Group and other scientific institution (joint grant proposals) to identify the needs of potential strategic partners and to identify possibilities for exploitation of results.


Members of the International Advisory Board

  • Luca Gianaroli, MD - S.I.S.Me.R., Bologna, Italy

  • Pasquale Patrizio, MD, MBE, HCLD - Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Yale Infertility Centre, Yale School of Medicine, USA

  • Paweł Radwan, MD, PhD - Klinika Leczenia Niepłodności Gameta Szpital, Łodź, Poland

  • Laura Francesca Rienzi, MD - GENERA, Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Rome, Italy

  • Roman Smolarczyk, MD, Phd, DSc - Szpital Kliniczny im. ks. Anny Mazowieckiej, Warsaw, Poland

  • Sławomir Wołczyński, MD, Phd, DSc - Uniwersytecki Szpital Kliniczny w Białymstoku, Klinika Rozrodczości i Endokrynologii, Białystok, Poland