22 09.2016

Symposium - Training for Reproductive Medicine 7-8.10.2016

The Polish Society of Reproductive Medicine and Embryology has invited Prof. Grazyna Ewa Ptak, coordinator of ERAofART project, as speaker for the Conference "ART in Poland - achievements, challenges and prospective" within the  "Sympozjum Naukowo- Szkoleniowe Medycyny Rozrodu" which will take place in Warsaw on 7-8 October 2016. Prof. Grazyna Ewa Ptak's lecture "Epigenetic Safety of Assisted Reproductive Technologies - Scientific bases for multisectorial clinical trial" is scheduled for friday 7 October 2016.

more information about the programm of the Symposium can be find at http://www.osrodekstudiow.pl/aktualnosci/sympozjum-naukowo-szkoleniowe-medycyny-rozrodu-7-8-10-2016