Work Packages (WP)

The activities are divided into 5 work packages. Three work packages (WP 1, WP 2, WP 3) are divided thematically. These work packages consist of twinning and expert visits, workshops, joined summer school and conferences organization and attendance, aimed at improving knowledge of our personnel in production and epigenetic evaluation of ART gametes/embryos/offspring, and exposing the Twinning Research Group of IGHZ PAN to international environment, developing practical skills of the scientists and introducing them to modern laboratory equipment. These three work packages are aimed to develop necessary technologies through twinning visits and at improvement of networking, integration of the Twinning Research Group (IGHZ PAN) with ERA and development of joint research projects and scientific publications. Work package 4 is devoted to the overall dissemination and outreach of the Twinning Research Group (IGHZ PAN) and its activity. Work package 5 consists of coordination, cooperation and management activities, and as such is interconnected with all other work packages.


List of Work Packages

  • Work Package 1: Joint Research Road Map (Leader IGHZ PAN - Prof Grażyna Ewa Ptak, mail:, phone: +48 606 854 186, fax: +48 22 756 14 17)

  • Work Package 2: Epigenetic analysis of germ cells, resulting embryos and offspring for evaluation of ART risk and outcome (Leader UNI WUE - Prof Thomas Haaf, mail:, phone: +49 931 31 88738, fax: +49 931 31 84069)

  • Work Package 3: Efficient production of large animal models using invasive and non-invasive Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) (Leader UNITE - Prof Pasqualino Loi, mail:, phone: +39 0861 266856)

  • Work Package 4: Dissemination and outreach (Leader IGHZ PAN - Prof Grażyna Ewa Ptak, mail:, phone: +48 606 854 186, fax: +48 22 756 14 17)

  • Work Package 5: Coordination and management (Leader IGHZ PAN - Cyprian Tomasik, mail:, phone: +48 22 756 14 09, fax: +48 22 756 14 17)